Monday, June 28, 2010

An explosion of words

I need more words!!! They dissapate befor me in a and incredoulous superflous circle.
Kraggigalting of jelly lumps. Gummi gloop. Sickly stickerjicks. In so my retrospct becomes a tedium of tedious. Then the dastradly cretins urchins and coral attack me.
Blocking the swirling slipping consious tempreal lobe of my ankle. Spotted rain and fluffly clouds with thingamogozzles. Glitter squids and sparkly beach balls. Soft smelling quilts fuzzy hair spoingy curls. The neverending ocean. OK better stop sorry to the people who are grammar, spelling and logic freaks. I don't really need any comments on it. You should try it floop fly people. ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writers block

Ta da! I think I'm bursting through my writers block. Sometimes it's a really long time. It's like this. My mind has this huge wall straight down the middle. Seperating left from right. The right side is the fun side with all the creativity and colour. The left tends to be more moral and boring. Sometimes I get stuck on the left side so I have to knowck down this wall. Ocasionally I break through but I get scared and retreat to the left sealing up the hole I made. To seal up the hole I used concrete this time usually I use paper. Ah the mysteries of the mind.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Things that drain

Things like the sun make people happy but it drains so much energy. A fire on a winter's eve takes energy. Dancing in the rain takes energy. A day out with good friends take energy. So I remember some law I learnt in physics 'energy can not be made or destroyed it can only be moved from one form to another' So where does that energy go? I'm thinking it makes memories or gives you that happy feeling. It's not the warm and fuzzy type[feeling fuzzy isn't too good in my books] It's just indescribable in a descriptive way. If that makes any sense.