Saturday, August 21, 2010

A new time

I notice now that my writing is changing.
More mature or serious. I admit that I didn't like
for a while. It scared me as change does. Yet lots of things
have always been changing and I never was scared.
This though is important to me.
So that's why it's so petrifying.
Though maybe it's only me:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Formally English

In doubt I have made the unkempt desision of not posting on my blog.
The reason defies the progress. My heart could not go without writing, the interminable void it left me. Although I say these words I will have to make clear. I write for a passion and passion can not always be thrown at the same thing. So if I don't blog I'm most undoubtly lamenting it or writing elsewhere. I may go through ghastly stages with my writing and I may happen upon untapped inspiration. The stories of short I have decided not to post. Centrally because they take too much of time and are aggravating to read upon a computer screen. I find poems are flexible and fit anywhere. Small and compact. That is all I have to say even though it is mostly to myself. It is the proper thing to do.