Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Something about the sun and the moon makes everyone happy.

the sun is like the moon
the moon is like the sun
each other never reach
standing back to back

without the moon there is no night
without the sun there is no day
 we can't run away
from their rays

when the sun and moon meet
it's a glorious feat
and we have to hide away


Creating a loveable character is harder then I thought. They may sound good by themselves but then encoporate that into a story and sometimes it gets lost in translation I guess. :-( grrrrrrrr Things I have learnt due to self scruntity 1. Someone who lives inside their head and not in reality is interesting but interacting with people becomes disjointed and stilted. This can become a rut as you impress this inside my head persona on other characters. 2. Using quirks and ways of speech from people in my reality makes me feel slightly evil :-) 3. Even if your concentration is moving onto bed/biscuits/tv/people if you have a story thread like a scene/twist KEEP writing  because you will forget in the next 10 minutes and lose it basically almost forever.... this is really hard to remember.