Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The child walks without haste
It is only here to take up space
walking along the grass
No others will come to pass
The petal like toes
Sharp jagged nose
The absoulute grace of this child

Silent not wishing
Only concentrated on finishing
Its painting and view
On the world
Is Ice blue

What colour of hair?
What colour of eyes?
Thus Arrive a surprise
Wht you don't know of snow, ice, freezing loads
The Frost child knows

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I got some snow it's really pretty. They are just ice crystals really and very very cold brrrrr!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Actual talking

Decided to write a bit but really just showing up a blank. Probably should start on some new years resoulutions hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm or eat 1 more chocolate. Happy holidays!

That Sequence

I question the sequence 1 to 2 ‘I do I do’
It would sound nicer if one came after two it’s true!
And if anyone questions you on this sequence 1 to 2 reply ‘I do I dothink it would sound nicer if one came after two’

I really don't know where this came from. I was counting in my head and started messing about with words. Soon I had the whole poem written[you gotta smile]


Narcissus oh Narcissus will you ever learn?
Staring at your reflection watching water churn
Echo is always waiting silent in trees
Thinking ‘talk to me please please please’
Slowly you waste away
For being vain you had to pay
All that time Echo wanted you to say ‘I love you too’
So she could Echo true
Narcissus when will you learn
It took one whole life burned
For you to know true
That someone loved you.

That’s a sad poem I wrote it was based on a story I read.
Narcissus was a very good looking mortal but he only loved himself. Girls everywhere told him that they loved him but Narcissus continued to only love himself. The gods got fed up with him and sent him to live in solitude, on an island. There was also this girl called Echo and she never stopped talking so the gods got fed up with that too and made her repeat peoples last words [echo get it?] Echo loved Narcissus but he told her she was no different than other girls ‘you just tell me I love I love you’ he said, Echo crying repeated ‘I love you I love you…..
When Narcissus got sent to the island she followed waiting in the trees but Narcissus only looked at himself. Eventually Narcissus died and Echo soon followed. Where Narcissus died the gods found a single narcissus flower [a daffodil]
New lyrics for 'Joy to the world'
Soy to the world the cows are dead
Lets all become um
lactose intolerant
lactose intolerant
lactose intolerant

and we'll all drink rice milk
rice rice rice milk
rice rice rice milk

dairy free muffins
dairy dairy free
dairy dairy free

Soy to the world
Merry chrismas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life from the window

I view life from the window
It's all very nice
I have never felt my fingers and toes
Freeze like ice
I'm always very comfy
Padded posture slumpy
Never felt the starlight wind upon my cheeks
Never stood outside while sunlight sneaks
Up and down the sky
Sun has never damaged my skin
Moss was never felt underfoot
Mud never in the toes
Grass has never tickled my nose
Rain never poured upon my head
Down no hill I have ever sled
Snowflakes melting on my eyelashes
No oh No surprise
Life from the window is all very nice

Good idea to give context? Here we go. Wrote this while looking out the window very cold and windy[brrrr] I felt really lazy though and remembered all the good things aboout being outside. Ta daa! You have a poem
This is the start of a blog so there might be an awkard silence or immediate writers block. You will see poems and suchlike or just amusings. Let blogging begin and faster typing skills!