Thursday, November 11, 2010

Along the Riverbank

The willow who does it weep for?
In the scintillating blue
It's tears are very colourless
But they make up the river too
Set across a blue sky
The willow weeps some
Weeping so long now
Can't remember what it started for

When the tree evolved
Did it cry?
When great big bombs filled the sky?
When children, filled with their own tears sat beside it

No the willow weeps for weeping
It does not weep for you
It weeps the essence of weeping
Into the river blue
So then all the beings that love the river too
Get to see it sparkle
During day,sun,moon


The stars light up thy face
Thy face looking in the window
Why so full of shadow thy face?
Why so full of shadow?


Ever heard of pouring yogurt? I call it milk :)