Monday, April 22, 2013


Quality over quantity guys.

Insipid pounding
Blocked by a tunnel
Vacating all noise

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Starting and sustaining

The title is quite explanatory. I'm finding it difficult to sustain because I'm afraid of failure, failing my own standards. Also sometimes you just need to stare and the clouds let time melt away. It's O.k to do nothing as long as you feel like you've accomplished something even if it is purely selfish. Being comfortable with yourself is the most important thing. Today I don't feel like rewriting my script but I won't stop thinking about it and that's enough.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Unearthing the earth

The world blends into black
and arises again
When slumbering sleep awakens
The clouds flutter
and all becomes leaden
Inside the mercury in unending raging heat
Lays the world
Sweating and crying out
Alone but haunted
Sometimes a cool breeze
Soothes the pulsing forehead
Whispering sweetly
I couldn't get to a computer last night but I wrote one anyway,now I'll have to do two. Evening this blog has become a bit of an area for rambles at the moment but at the moment I'm too tired for rhetoric so instead images. An old couple sitting under a bridge they way they sit together reminds me of a teenage couple. It's the man's hands and the woman's smile, perhaps the bridge is where they first met. ( There's a story in each of these images but I'm just unable to unravel them at the moment) A lone horse stands in a field flanked by two white birds,they look like unlikely friends. I wonder if the horse feels out of place sometimes not being a bird. A piano precariously perched on top of a hill and miraculously not plummeting towards the ground. I think how it got there in the first place will tell us why it refuses to fall. Finally one of those sunsets that sum up perfect moments in your life, this particular one held onto the bright blue of the day but at the same time celebrated the pinks and purples of fading light. The contrast is what makes it so beautiful.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Keeping it up

I have decided that I will write everyday in this blog. April seems to be a month for actual commitments not wishy washy new year resolutions but commitments. I've noticed people around be and in turn with competitive spirit I will join them in a kind of revolution of doing something interesting and worthwhile. In juxtaposition to the relaxation that we value so much in our spare time we are encouraged to chill out usually by vegetating. Consuming ads, UV rays, TV shows, food. To some extent it's relaxing but it's also crippling. It's also a self made prison the hardest to escape. I find having something to show and give to others to enjoy more relaxing but it takes all types doesn't it? Without the consumers there would be no one to produce it for and what's the point otherwise? Just sometimes I wonder if I view myself as more of a consumer and neglect my instinct to create. What if the creators were able to support other creators financially? Does that already happen? I have this idea that the consumers fund the lifestyle of the creators and they are the market that must be catered to therefore it's a matter of taste and popular concepts that receive the most attention. Sometimes new art struggles to strive mostly just because it's new and sometimes because it hasn't presented itself the right way to the general marketplace that's when it dies and something less interesting must step in. The show must go on.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Writing in first person is strange. Maybe it's because I really dislike seeing and using the word "I". It's not even a word it's a letter but I think it's a word nonetheless. Is the character becoming too self involved do they need to look outside themselves more? Be in their head less? Is this format even interesting? Can we consider the first person format overused? I think maybe they are all overused it's time for some new people a fourth person. We don't think in first person all the time, we sometimes remove ourselves from a situation or narrate our own lives. I'm most likely putting my foot in my mouth though because I've forgotten the differences between the first three people. Too many cooks spoil the broth I guess. I just want to read something fresh, where the words actually thrill me and stick in my head. I want to write something like that too. I suppose the only way to discover something new is to keep searching in the wreckage of past ventures. It will happen and I will somehow.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Underneath this place
Gelatinous bubbles pop
Ghastly things stomp
Upon my face
My arms long to reach and curl
Around experience
And milestones
Wizened and weakened times hast stopped
Pay your respects to the dead