Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Writing in first person is strange. Maybe it's because I really dislike seeing and using the word "I". It's not even a word it's a letter but I think it's a word nonetheless. Is the character becoming too self involved do they need to look outside themselves more? Be in their head less? Is this format even interesting? Can we consider the first person format overused? I think maybe they are all overused it's time for some new people a fourth person. We don't think in first person all the time, we sometimes remove ourselves from a situation or narrate our own lives. I'm most likely putting my foot in my mouth though because I've forgotten the differences between the first three people. Too many cooks spoil the broth I guess. I just want to read something fresh, where the words actually thrill me and stick in my head. I want to write something like that too. I suppose the only way to discover something new is to keep searching in the wreckage of past ventures. It will happen and I will somehow.

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