Friday, April 12, 2013

I couldn't get to a computer last night but I wrote one anyway,now I'll have to do two. Evening this blog has become a bit of an area for rambles at the moment but at the moment I'm too tired for rhetoric so instead images. An old couple sitting under a bridge they way they sit together reminds me of a teenage couple. It's the man's hands and the woman's smile, perhaps the bridge is where they first met. ( There's a story in each of these images but I'm just unable to unravel them at the moment) A lone horse stands in a field flanked by two white birds,they look like unlikely friends. I wonder if the horse feels out of place sometimes not being a bird. A piano precariously perched on top of a hill and miraculously not plummeting towards the ground. I think how it got there in the first place will tell us why it refuses to fall. Finally one of those sunsets that sum up perfect moments in your life, this particular one held onto the bright blue of the day but at the same time celebrated the pinks and purples of fading light. The contrast is what makes it so beautiful.

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